For Tenuta Secolo IX an eventful weekend

On Saturday 17 November, the 14th edition of the Wine Festival closed successfully in Pescara.

The event aims to acknowledge the excellence of Abruzzo wine and is organized by the AIS – Italian Sommelier Association, under the patronage of the municipal authority and in collaboration with Abruzzo Regional Authority, Pescara Chamber of Commerce and Pescara Provincial Authority.

The top wines, present in leading industry guides, take part in this award and we were beyond delighted when our Moscatello passito took home a silver medal for excellence. This is a great result and our most sincere thanks go to the AIS technical panel for recognizing the merits and uniqueness of this aromatic sweet wine and its great tradition, a strong, quintessential expression of a unique terroir anywhere in the world.

A special thanks to everyone on my unbeatable team.

Fioravante Allegrino 

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