From history to food pairing, all the secrets of Pecorino

It may well be served as a “red wine garbed in white”. Perhaps for its strong minerality and acid backbone, this native of the mid-Adriatic, is one of the most appreciated not only in central but also in northern Italy.
Pecorino can be dated back to the second century BC, when Cato the Elder wrote that it was one of the varieties brought to Italy by migrating Greeks. The reason for the name of the variety is still a mystery but one popular theory is tied to the transhumance tradition typical of the Abruzzo shepherd world. It is said that sheep [“pecore” in Italian] are fond of this type of grape, which ripens earlier that other regional varieties and was sweetest when the flocks travelled through in mid-September.

Today it is a premium winegrowing product that is loved by both amateurs and connoisseurs.

So, what would be the best dish to serve with Abruzzo’s famous white? Right from appetizers, Tenuta Secolo IX Pecorino is an interesting partner for fish entrées like baked anchovies or seafood. Being a classic white, it will be delightful with shellfish pasta and risotto dishes, while its feisty character make it an ideal companion for tastier fish sauces.

Tenuta Secolo IX Pecorino will bring impeccable balance to your taste buds, without drowning out the flavour of a dish while not hiding its own light under a bushel.

A glass will fulfil all your expectations alongside a good mackerel filet and mild peppers.

And Pecorino is the perfect wine to serve with cheese, whether it be mild or ripe.

A wine that will bring together sensations and … emotions.

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