Tenuta Secolo IX wins prizes at DWWA and Concours Mondial di Bruxelles

Huge success for Tenuta Secolo IX in the DECANTER World Wine Awards 2018 and Concours Mondial di Bruxelles 2018 competition.

One of the biggest, most prestigious competitions in the world, whose real mission is to discover newcomers to the wine scene and make consumers a promise: single out wines from all over the world of exceptional quality, a real pleasure to consume and taste.

Tenuta Secolo IX wines achieved brilliant results and garnered a series of prestigious awards.
At the DECANTER 2018 World Wine Awards, our Montepulciano won the silver medal and a top-notch Fonte Grotta was awarded a bronze medal.

The Concours Mondial di Bruxelles 2018 also brought excellent rankings, especially for our Montepulciano, which won a silver medal.

Excellent results also for the Fonte Grotta and the Moscatello Passito, much appreciated by the panel of experts.

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