Thanks to all the team for bringing home some prestigious awards

“A wine is superb when you can sit in an easy chair, take a sip and close your eyes to imagine immensity,” Giacomo Tachis liked to say.

We are proud to have been in attendance at two of the wine world’s biggest and most prestigious competitions. We embraced the values and objectives because we believe that only a peerless wine can establish itself as authentically pleasing for consumption and for tasting.

With our Montepulciano we could declare ourselves truly satisfied with the two silver medals at Decanter 2018 World Wine Awards and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, while our first-rate Fonte Grotta brought home a bronze medal at the Decanter 2018 World Wine Awards.

 “These awards certainly add value to our winegrowing world, gratifying the team of employees who invest care and passion every day but are also a stimulus for ongoing improvement.

Our thanks go to the illustrious panel of experts for expressing their appreciation of Fonte Grotta and the Moscatello Passito, intuiting the intentions of a wine that aspires to tell the story of the love for a territory, its culture and its traditions.

Now we can return to our grapes with greater awareness and start thinking about the results of the next harvest.”

For these achievements, I would like to thank each member of the team in person: Romano, Donato, Vincenzo, Rosario, Sorin, Mariano, Gabryela, Luca, Luigi, Alessandra, Stefania, Luigia, Stefano, Costantino, Alessandra.

Fioravante Allegrino

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