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Tenuta Secolo IX: a story of wine and love of a homeland.
The revival of Moscatello is the key to its success.

Land, passion, wine are the welcoming words of Tenuta Secolo IX. Located at the foot of Mount Morrone, between the ancient villages of Tocco da Casauria and Castiglione a Casauria, its merits embody the people of the quintessential strong, kind Abruzzo. Tenuta Secolo IX, however, is also history and culture.

Not by chance the logo’s floral decoration pays homage to the abbey of San Clemente a Casauria, built in 871, once an attraction for Romans and other peoples not local to Abruzzo, and now a national monument.
Tenuta Secolo IX forges a bond with the past of these lands by reviving local winegrowing traditions and winemaking methods and pairing them with state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the quality of the grapes and the wine.

One of Tenuta Secolo IX’s special goals was to prevent the extinction of the heirloom Moscato grape, recovering it and using it to make the famed and delicious Moscatello di Castiglione wine, its scent endowed by the small golden berries. Today the original Casauriense clone is the winery’s jewel in the crown, alongside three other venerable local varieties: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Pecorino.
The estate’s wines show unique sensory traits found in no other terroir, and appreciated worldwide, attributable to the characteristics of the clay and limestone soils, and to the special microclimate conditions of this area. Indeed, each plot is farmed differently, respecting the soil characteristics, and different wines are made.

The range of wines available are Montepulciano, Pecorino, Cerasuolo, Fonte Grotta white dry Moscato, and Passito Moscatello and they are described in the “Our Wines” section of this site. To read more about the special winegrowing preferred by Tenuta Secolo IX, consult “Wines and Winegrowing”.

A charming tale of life and tradition, penned by Fioravante Allegrino, will accompany this heady journey amid endless vineyards of venerable varieties and age-old lands,

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